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Why choose Head4More

Let us help you find your new colleague. We will ensure that the recruitment process will be effective and successful for you and your business.

Fokus på to kollegaer rundt et bord - der hvor den ene smiler til kameraet

People - a non-copyable resource

Recruitment of key persons has a large importance for growth and progress in a business. As the only non-copyable resource, each employee becomes a vital investment. Vi are convinced that people is the only dynamic competitive force in a business. All other resources can either be copies, borrowed, leased or bought.

People create ideas, make decisions, create excitement, develop products, finds solutions, build relations, bring in new customers and win more contracts. As the only non-copyable resource, each employee is a vital contributor in a business.

In close collaboration with you we will define what deliveries and effect the new employee should have. You know what your need is, whilst our advisors assist you in defining as well as challenging you.

The right tools

At Head4More we never give up until we are sure that the pool of candidates is competitive. We find candidates through a systematic and in-depth approach which utilizes our network and relations. Our Multichannel sourcing process consists of everything from direct search, CV-databases, social media, and adverts in a variety of different media.

Our potential assessment reveals synergy between the needs of the business and the candidate’s ability to deliver. Our consultants utilize widely recognized interview methodology coupled with assessment tools when engaging with the candidates.

We know that quick and dedicated recruitment processes give the candidates a good experience. It increases the likelihood for signing the top candidate, which is why we use a direct approach in our processes to ensure we capture the right candidate, at the right place and right time.

Effective recruitment processes to ensure
the right person,at the right place, at the right time.

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Let us assist you in finding your next employee/coworker. Contact us today for a meeting to discuss how we can find the best match for you.

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As the only non-copyable resource, each employee is a vital contributor in a business.

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