Team and interaction

Cross-functional collaboration is becoming more and more vital in meeting the new challenges in the market.

We put together dynamic teams with a mix of competence and personality to solve concrete challenges - how can we ensure that these teams remain effective and high performing?

Tre kollegaer i møte

Part of the answer to these questions were found in research, with the most vital piece being psychological safety in a team to ensure high performance.

Our sense of belonging has traditionally been largely functional - a safe environment with colleagues we know. However, more and more utility is found within agile teams and the value they create. It is becoming common place to be part of several teams at once with different people and different team cultures. This puts additional strain on individual people, and the collaboration with new people highlights the need for good communication skills. It is also vital for the teams to have clear common goals, and that the team members are mutually dependent on each other to reach the goal.

We support with the creation of safe and high performing teams tied up to the strategic ambitions of the business and the operative challenges. We believe that the dynamic of the team provides an important arena for learning and development, and that the goal should be to utilize the potential that lie in the different competences and personalities that are on the team. By using workshops for the teams in combination with individual coaching, we help each person perform their role in the team. We help cultivate values and attitudes that are central to succeeding in behavioral change: self-reflection, tolerance, self-insight and humility.

By using a variety of tools and methods we develop strong robust teams where well-being and performance are cultivated and developed. Feel free to contact one of our consultants to hear more about how we can help you and your team.

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Social intelligence and the ability to communicate and cooperate with different people is and will be central skills for the future.

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