Cultural development

All organizations have an internal culture - regardless of our level of awareness. Does your culture support the goals and ambitions of the leadership? Or do we feel like «culture eats strategy for breakfast»?

Tre kollegaer i livlig samtale

A long-term plan for cultural development is equally as important as a business strategy. The internal culture can be crucial to reach our goals. But what really is culture, and how can we succeed in developing a good internal culture?

Culture is the sum of behaviors, attitudes, and interaction in the business. A spoken or unspoken rule or norm for how we do things. The culture is always there, but it is possible to not have a conscious awareness of it. Do you as a leader experience that it is easy to implement new measures, or are they often met with resistance throughout the organization? The common values your company stands for - are they upheld? Or are they just words on your website or statements used in company gatherings?

The leadership sets the course, but everyone in the company contribute to creating and shaping the culture. Changes in the culture are created through lasting changes of behavior in the people in the organization. We know it can be challenging to change behavior, and therefore, changing the culture takes time. However, a strong culture can equally quickly shape the behavior of a new colleague as they are starting.

How can we succeed with cultural change and development? How can we change behavior, communication and attitudes within each person? Head4More has successfully facilitated large cultural development processes in a number of businesses. Ask us about our “Year of-“ concept, which builds culture whilst strengthening the competitiveness of your business.

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All organizations have an internal culture
- regardless of our level of awareness. 

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