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Individual leadership development

Do you find it demanding to lead people who think and work differently than yourself? Do you want to know more about how you as a leader can get motivated, effective and happy coworkers?

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Being a leader is fulfilling, but can also be challenging. In addition to being operative and deliver on your individual tasks, you have to follow-up and ensure that others deliver as well. This can be people who think and work differently from you, and that are not motivated in the same way as you. By becoming aware of who you are as a leader, and what your coworkers need to perform - you can contribute to creating better results, higher level of mastery and well-being for those you lead.

To be a good leader for others you must first and foremost be a good leader for yourself. Are you aware of how you lead yourself? What are your strengths which you can utilize and where lies your potential for further development and growth? Through increased insight you become aware of how your attitudes, behavior and communication affects others and how you can keep building on your strengths. By actively working with your personal and professional development you will be in a good condition to take on additional responsibility and exciting leadership tasks going forward.

Head4More offers individually tailor-made leadership coaching that is grounded in your specific challenges. You will become more aware of who you are as a person, your typical leadership style and how you can develop and grow further as a leader. The coaching process typically lasts a few months, and we decide together where and how often we meet. The sessions are also highly confidential and will not be shared with your leader without explicit consent.

It is vital that there is good chemistry and trust between you and the coach. We have consultants with different backgrounds and industry knowledge ensuring the right fit for you. Contact us for a chat so we can find the best solution for you.

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