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Leadership development, self-management and coaching

As a leader you have many arenas to succeed in. In addition to being an expert within your field, you have to lead a team that needs to perform at a high level. Perhaps also contribute to a leadership group to solve strategic challenges and build your internal culture.


How to succeed with maintaining a high level of internal performance? Great leadership requires good communication skills and the ability to influence others, as well as a high level of reflection regarding one’s own leadership behaviours. Our individual leadership development programmes build upon these fundamental factors coupled with our extensive experience.

Head4More aid with tailor-made development for you as a leader, within one or more of the areas you operate in.

Leading as a specialist

Define and develop your role, translate strategic priorities to your areas of responsibility, balancing roles as an operative specialist and a leader.

Leading as a team-leader

Motivate and develop your coworkers through clear goal-setting, specific feedback and coaching.

Leading as part of a leadership group

Become aware of your role in the leadership group, contribute with your strengths and complement the others on the team. Set strategies, secure resources for the organization and build culture.

A development programme can be carried out as a dynamic group process, individual leadership coaching, or preferable a combination of the two. This sets the stage for long-term behavioural change. Our development processes always use your needs as a business as the starting point, agreeing early on what effects and value should come of the development process.

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Leadership development

Do you find it demanding to lead people who think and work differently than yourself? Do you want to know more about how you as a leader can get motivated, effective and happy coworkers?

An effective team is a team with clear goals, motivated workers and a high degree of interaction. How do you succeed with developing a team that is self-activating, motivated and exceed expectations?

Are you part of a leadership group that cooperates actively and cross-functionally, or do you see potential for more effective cooperation in the team? Are the leadership meetings goal-oriented and valuable?

"A leader is like a shepherd. He stays behind the flock, letting the most nimble go out ahead, whereupon the others follow, not realizing that all along they are being directed from behind.”

Nelson Mandela

Illustrasjon av Nelson Mandela i eldre alder

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