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How to implement strategies?

Setting concrete goals and developing a strategy to reach these goals can be demanding, but is something leadership groups must do. An altogether different challenge is how to see success in the implementation of the strategy. How can we get the entire organization behind us?

Bilde av hender i arbeid/prosjektgruppen i diskusjon

When goals and ambitions are developed, and the strategic drivers are identified - that is when the real challenge appears. A new direction requires both leaders and employees to change their behaviour. Do we have the competencies needed? Do we understand what concrete steps have to be taken to succeed? Do we have the capacity for change that we need?

Enthusiasm, Engagement, and Ownership

To take the step from strategy to operational action requires the understanding of the strategy and its adoption and adaption to each level of the organization. It is especially important to include the formal and informal leaders in the organization - and the key is to create an internal motivation for each person.

At Head4More we have experience in hitting these pressure points - ensuring the implementation of strategies are not only top-down, but also bottom-up.

Operational Activity Plan

It is vital to clarify what we must do differently in our daily work to contribute to reaching the strategic goals. Head4More will happily support you with translating the strategy to an operational activity plan. Through our “year of …” concepts we have supported a variety of businesses in succeeding with strategic change in a manner which creates enthusiasm, engagement, and ownership internally. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us for a meeting.

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