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Strategic change and business development

Does your business have a good and clear strategi and plan to meet the challenges of tomorrow? Do you have the right competence and resources needed? Are you Fit4Future?

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Goals and ambitions are easy to decide - they are often driven by ambitious owners and directors, or the parent company. How can we ensure we have a strategy that contributes to reaching these ambitious goals? Head4More helps both start-ups and large international companies with their strategies.

The business strategy should ensure that all the effort put down each day brings us closer towards the goals and ambitions we have. They should at the same time provide safety for the organization by giving clear directions for use of resources and prioritization. At Head4More we seek to simplify the complex. By seeing "each individual tree" instead of "the forest" it becomes easier to get an overview and understand what is needed. This is the core of our simple but effective Fit4Future model which we often utilize in strategic change and business development processes.

We always start out with acknowledging your current situation. A GAP-analysis uncovers where you stand in relation to the goals and ambitions you have. Thereafter it is vital to identify the activities that are needed to move towards them. Together we define the process step by step, ensuring that the strategy becomes easily understood, concrete and achievable. The final challenge is to gather the entire organization to join on the same journey - this is where we often experience the importance of cultural development in parallel to the strategic change process.

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What is the point in running if you are on the wrong track?  

 Old German proverb

Business development

What does your clients and partners actually think and say about your business? Are they strategic partners or simply customers? How can you ensure you stay relevant for your customers in the future?

Are you focused on doing things right or doing the right things? Through identifying the more vital drivers for your strategy we can ensure that it is followed and implemented day-to-day in a way that brings you closer your goals.


Goal-setting and development of a strategy to reach can be demanding, but something leadership teams need to achieve. An all-together different challenge is to succeed in implementing the strategy. How do we get the entire organization onboard?

“It is in the key positions of a business that the difference between average and top performance has the largest effect”

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